Not sure if I'm allowed to talk about Instagram on here though

The deaf, geriatric, Katrina baby street cat I took in is Instagram filter colored and has a mustache

Are there veg or gluten free options? Also, calorie count?

Might have to give up on this "worshipping the devil's bongo" album. Who the fuck puts bongo on anything?

Turns out there's no songs about the devil's bongo. I'm here to change that.

The one from the 90s where winning means saving Hitler's art so he becomes a famous painter? I played that game straight through the night with the justification that the protagonist didn't have the luxury of sleep - so to fully immerse, neither would I.

Friendly reminder that this is about the last week to financially support getting women in power in November. There's still a chance to flip both houses and stop Trump's presidency in its tracks. I made a handy guide on how to help.

Hair dysphoria, trans issues. 

Convinced two more of the strays by my apartment to love me tonight. Only about 14 more to go 😻😻
I completely relate. Positive feedback feels so alien, ulterior and uncomfortable. It's like we're living in a backwards world. Your shit is good though. 🐥

Bookmark this page and make sure everyone knows about it come Nov 6th. 866-OUR-VOTE (English) // 888-Ve-Y-Vota (Spanish/English) // 888-API-VOTE (multiple Asian languages/English) // 844-Yalla-US (Arabic/English)
This is so amazing 🐥🌈

Even though New Orleans has been and remains fucked on so many levels, the power of the people showing up day in and day out with hope and vision in their hearts is constantly inspiring.

@Shonalika I'm pretty sure all creatures in nature shudder at slug texture 😅

What are you doing to support women in power this November? Here's a followup guide I made for House tossup elections. Choose one or two women and support them. Now is the time to help. Next month is too late.

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