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I've been researching ways to support candidates in the upcoming midterm elections. I compiled my basic notes in case others find it useful. Please consider helping at least one of these candidates. It will make a difference.

"It was time, at 50, to bring my abiding love of animals into accord with my behavior, and if I would balk at eating a dog, why eat a cow? Some people argue they’re different, and that works for them. I’m not judging. But I have never really believed any animal is more worthy or sentient than any other."

@petetoms - thanks for being my first interdiminstance friend. I'm sorry about your toot :(

As I was confused and uncomfortable joining other's instances, I've created my federation of one. Not sure if that sounds awesome or lonely, but it definitely sums up my life.

World Domination Plan

A micro node for friends and action oriented: SJWs, animal rights activists, LGBTQ+ lovers, and creators of all forms.